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Ďalší skvelý produkt, ktorý si môžete zakúpiť v reštaurácii YES CHIPS - prirodzene bezlepkové s originálnou receptúrou, ručne vyrobené Chrumkavá pochúťka zo strukovín, ktorá je nielen chutná, ale je aj nositeľom veľkého množstva proteínov, vlákniny a je prirodzene bezlepková, bez laktózy a vhodná aj pre vegánov. Použité suroviny neobsahujú žiadne konzervanty, farbivá ani GMO
1. 12 2017 08:00:00

duck and goose march HU:MAN

23.10.2018 - 30.12.2019

Do you love autumn? Beautiful coloured leaves, walks in nature, the smell of the trees?

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cookin course - learn how to cook like a professional with us

31.10.2018 16:35

Cooking classes are enjoying every month.

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Are you looking for the suitable place for your day?

19.10.2018 18:23

Your day must be exceptional! Unforgettable!

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World on the plate with HUMAN

03.10.2018 10:48

The world's tastes and smells in a unique combination of world cuisine at the HU: MAN Restaurant!

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goose and duck march 2018

01.10.2018 09:16

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Taste and win!

01.10.2018 09:17

We have got a present for you!

!!!DINNER FOR 50€ per 2 person!!! 

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Autumn - winter menu HU:MAN

25.09.2018 17:10

Autumn announces its arrival and with it are accompanied by annual duck and goose feasts. 

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Gentlemen´s HU:MAN evening 20.09.2018

05.09.2018 14:46

Presentation, testing, dating with a unique tip 

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Ice cream HU:MAN

06.06.2018 18:20

Summer is in full swing and the best refreshment in the hot days is ice cream. 

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Gentlemen´s HU:MAN evening 25.05.2018

18.05.2018 18:53

Experience the luxury of a cigar and cognacs

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For burger lovers

16.05.2018 18:20

n summer the menu of the Ala Carte we have not forgotten

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our everyday desserts

27.04.2018 18:24

Even though the bikini season is approaching, we can not resist this homemade pie!

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The fragrance of Asia

24.04.2018 17:02

As our chefs try to understand the tastes of their customer

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Beer & Food Festival 2017

07.10.2017 11:00

Unbelievable beer specialties

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The first men's evening

04.10.2017 19:00

Exclusive guest Gurkha Cigars

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Cooking school

13.10.2017 13:55

You have the chance to see the world of real chefs

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28.09.2017 11:54

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Egg omelet with protein powder

26.09.2017 12:22

It's up to us to start a day with a smile on the lips and happy stomach

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Markíza in HU:MAN

02.09.2017 18:30

During the HÝBSA Slovakia

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Baking in a papillot

23.08.2017 12:44

Healthy and juicy

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Fresh Market

23.07.2017 13:17

Gadgets in range in HU:MAN

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Freshness and quality

17.07.2017 13:56

Gastronomic experiences!

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03.07.2017 16:53

Ice dessert!

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A la carte

26.06.2017 10:56

A specific selection of meals for your satisfaction

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19.06.2017 09:36

But first, breakfast!

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Gentle Jam

17.05.2017 14:21

Jams in different way ;-)

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ERB for you

02.05.2017 13:19

Treat yourself to beer that deserves your attention.

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Our cooking courses

24.04.2017 17:24

Like a master chief!

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23.01.2017 15:47

Coffee drinkers, we have a news for you!

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We present to you as a home-made cake from grandma!

23.01.2017 09:27

Lovers of sweet, in our offer we have a new homemade cakes.

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Executive Chief HU:MAN TV show Telerano

17.01.2017 17:53

Executive chief Ľubomír Herko lost 23kg of his weight under the guidance of CROSSbeFIT coach.

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