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Christmas party by HU:MAN

18.11.2018 15:21

The most beautiful time of the year is the perfect way to spend a pleasant moment

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Folk music Spod Sokolia in HU:MAN

13.11.2018 15:30

What would it have been duck and goose feast without good music?

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Cooking course - goose and duck

03.11.2018 16:03

Crispy duck or goose is on the table include juicy autumn. 

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Beauty workshop with Lenka Soosova and Fischbach & Miller

04.11.2018 15:11

Evening theme  that every women talking about - HAIR. 

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Evening with folk music

19.10.2018 - 30.12.2019

Evening with folk music Tomcalovci. Enjoy the combination of gastronomy and Slovak folklore.


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Beauty workshop with Dr. Zuzana Vanova

08.10.2018 14:05

Dear ladies , pay attention! On 25.10.2018 we have prepared for you BEAUTY workshop

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Cooking course STEAKS 18.10.2018

25.09.2018 16:59

Favorite cooking course - STEAKS is again on offer !!!

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Duck and Goose Feast

17.09.2018 11:55

Do the incoming fly and duck feasts also attack your colored leaves?

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Cooking course - vegetable variations

04.09.2018 17:11

Once again, you will have the opportunity to capture the chef's art 

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Cooking course mediterranean cousine with OFYR grill

06.08.2018 09:12

Meditranean cuisine combined with amazing and unique touch of fire. Grilled Mediterranean dishes, seafood, vegetables and many other delicious dish

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cooking course grill specialties

31.05.2018 18:35

A favorite grilling season is here !!! Grilled steaks, ribs, fis

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peter adamov at HU:MAN 8.6.2018 at 18:30

28.05.2018 15:29

Slovak singer, musician, composer, songwriter and multiinstumentalists

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Child day 02.06.2018

11.05.2018 16:40

This day by us will belong to all kids!!! 

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Kristina Prableskova & Stano Pocaji

09.05.2018 11:45

The young and talented singer Kristina Prablesková and her musical colleague Stano Počaji

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Cooking cours Fish and Soups

17.05.2018 18:00

Light dishes made from fish and soup are ideal for parties for your friends.

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Juraj Hnilica in HU:MAN

20.04.2018 09:27

Talented singer, producer, textress and especially a man with a big heart will make us happy first June evening :-)


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Course risotto and crumbs 2018

27.04.2018 17:59

Another great cooking course has tested the abilities and skills of our chefs and pupils :-)

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Steak preparation course March 2018

15.03.2018 21:23

The course of preparation of steaks has turned out to be excellent! 

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Cooking course - risotto, crustaceans, pasta

19.04.2018 18:00

Peter Ďurčo and Anton Holomáň prepared another interesting cooking course for you.

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Indonesian Evening

10.03.2018 17:00

Indonesian specialties from Chief Yusuf of Borneo.

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Cooking cours Steaks

15.03.2018 18:00

Preparation of steaks, their variation, combination with suitable sauces and side dishes.

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Valentine's Day

14.02.2018 17:00

Excellent food and a romantic evening with piano music.

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Traditional Slovak meat fest

03.02.2018 11:00

After last year's success, you can also enjoy the Traditional Slovak meat fest in Extreme Park this year.

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Cooking course

18.01.2018 18:00

Lets show how to prepare food for New Year's detox.

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Goose march

05.11.2017 - 25.11.2017

Even this year's duck march will be completed by the marching goose

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Evening Brewery - 175 years of Pilsner Urquell beer

25.10.2017 18:00

Everything about beer

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Cooking school

19.10.2017 18:00

Learn to prepare duck specialties like real chefs

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Beer and Food Festival

07.10.2017 11:00

Beer experience that will leave you not only culinary impressions

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Duck march 2017

18.09.2017 20:12

Crispy Duck specialties combined with quality wine

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Color Swing

19.08.2017 19:00

Latino temperament in swing colors

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Bartending Course

14.08.2017 - 16.08.2017

The first external bartending course

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HU:MAN wine fest

25.07.2017 17:00

Everything for wine lovers :)

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HU:MAN coctail party

21.07.2017 19:00

Barman and singer show! 

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Jazz HU:MAN night

14.07.2017 18:00

Friday's jazz tones

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cooking course

18.01.2018 18:00

cooking with pleasure :)

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extreme children's day

03.06.2017 10:00

Have fun!

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Cooking Course Risotto

27.04.2017 18:00

Perfect salad or risotto? Become an expert!

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chess monday HU:MAN

06.03.2017 18:00

Chess for everyone under the leadership of FIDE Master Martina Zvarik

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4th steak cooking course

16.02.2017 18:00

Learn how to prepare steaks like chief under the guidance of master chiefs Ľubo Herko and Michal Vajda

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Traditional Slovak shambles

25.02.2017 09:00

Check back with us in the past and come with their loved traditional Slovak shambles.

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3. course of cooking steaks

09.02.2017 18:00

Become a steak expert!

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Valentine menu for two

14.02.2017 12:00

We cook for you with love also on Valentine´s day.

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Course of FISH and PASTA

25.01.2017 18:00

 Do you want to learn how to prepare specialties under the guidance of professional chefs at the restaurant HUMAN?

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Michal Dírer TRIO live concert

22.10.2016 19:00

Enjoy live concert of Michal Dírer, Kristína Určíková and Juraj Vrúbel.

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Duck march

01.10.2016 - 01.11.2016

They are typical for autumn as well as long evenings, roasted chestnuts or wavy kites.

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