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Health is a gift which is important to take care of. The natural balance which we can see in nature for billions of years is also in us. For keeping it, we need a lot of physical motion which is natural for every single person and it is the main thing which helps us to keep a high-quality life for the longest time.

Good health philosophy

Gastronomy is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Important is to gain all we need for our health from simple fresh foods and serve them to be tasty and attractive and also to make us feel cheerful. The claim that what’s healthy is not tasty is a lie!

Nutrition ideology

We would like to take you into the days when food came right from nature and the most important sign was its freshness. As a result, ingredients had the highest quality flavor and they were also the source of all important vitamins and nutrients necessary for our health.

Related to nature

In prehistoric times we gained energy by consuming fresh foods without any preservatives, emulsifiers, glutamate and also without excess of salt and sugar, which are becoming the demons of today’s diet. Civilization diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, allergies and food intolerance are the result of wrong choices of food.

Fresh ingredients

First step to accomplish this idea is the choice of ingredients and our suppliers. When choosing ingredients, things like nature, ecology and humane farming are the ones which matter to us. We focus on the meat which comes from domestic rearing(C+C Pfeiffer & BioFarma Turová), cold pressed oils(Olej Hont Súdovce), cheese(Mliečna farma Braunvieh), fruits and vegetables from local farmers. We focus on seasonal ingredients and fresh herbs.

Therefore, we would appreciate if you’d let us convince you that healthy food can be tasty and amazing in all possible forms. The HU:MAN restaurant’s chef Peter Ďurčo.